My name is Rafael Garrido and I’m a designer and illustrator from Granada (Spain).

I’ve been doing this stuff since 2004, initially inspired by the Dave McKean’s works and all those amazing artworks illustrating the covers of my favorite albums.

I’m into almost every kind of metal and rock, especially the darkest ones, but also like many other kinds of music.

My dream is to make a living of my passion, illustrating CD Covers, books…

Hope you like my work, and let me know anything you want to tell me.

Thanks for watching!

Cuando el éter de los sueños
se evapora
y el vacío es tan agudo
que amenaza
nuestros tímpanos

No queda sino mojarnos
unos dedos temblorosos
en el tuétano
y pintar nosotros mismos
las estrellas

Es entonces que los huesos
ya no pesan
y se quedan tan ligeros

que volamos

Carmen Nyx